Biography for Ricky Bailey AKA RIKINI Commercial Artist/Writer, Director, Publisher, Entrepreneur

'One of the ORIGINAL Ad' Agency MAD MEN' (Now in the over 50's club)

Born 1971: Ricky started off his career at age 5 in 1976 when he worked on the Dodgem Cars at the Fair, and at his Grandparents' Holiday Inn Guest House in Dawlish Warren, where he collected KeyRings/MatchBoxs/TShirts, & thought up the idea of renting out the car parking spaces when the Bar was closed; Whilst also commuting on the Train, and Boarding at The Beacon School in Teignmouth, former residence of Charles Babbage, where he was 2nd in an Art Competition. Ricky was always first in class with top A marks, until music took over and he became a SkinHead. At age 9 in 1980, Rickys' new Step Father was a System's Analyst(Programmer) & Ricky was one of the first Children in Britain to have a computer at home. After leaving school, Ricky worked as a Trainee engineer at Centrax & STC(Nortel), door-to-door for the Candis Booklet Cancer Charity & as a Salesman/Window Dresser for Dixon's Stores Group. He later went on to become a merchandiser for CPM, and became a Director in Marketing,Publishing,Media, Pioneering the first Free Ad magazine before the age of 18 where he won a Shell Livewire Award, and POS/Packaging/KeyRing(Box) design, which fused together his sales, computer, engineering & art skills.

Rickys' Mother was a Singer at the Holiday Inn, & suffered terribly with Bi-Polar disorder; Wanting to cure his mother, Ricky spent 40 years studying(analysing), & eventually, after a trip to Jamaica, commissioned the book called 'Perfection' by Charlie Yidbra, for his Mother. R.I.P. Which he just knew is the Prevention Cure/Vaccine for so-called mental illness. Being a Psychologist, having been offered a Ph. D.(Addis Ababa), made Ricky a very good Chairman/Director & Ricky's wish for the Diamond Kite Group, is to make £93,000 p.wk to pay for FREE Therapies across the UK to PREVENT illness in society, & the associated drug dependency. Sometimes as a vocation, Trouble Shooted, Filmed, Painted, & wrote Songs helping others at his studio.

Ricky, AKA RIKINI is also most well remembered for pioneering the BRITISH STUDENTS' ART COLLECTION, for designing the smallest and lightest PLAYABLE Chess-Set in the world inc.(KeyRing); For inventing the FRIDJO SUPERCARD, CyberWear; For Pioneering the first Kebab Delivery (advert). Pioneering the first Stock Market for buy/selling shares in Art, and for designing one of the NEW LOOK Fashion Store logos, live for over 10 years!. Finally founding TheSixBillionDollarBlonde gallery.

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