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Welcome to Lplc Companies House - established 2010
A PLG or PLA is a local or National based Public Liability Logo or Work of Art.
Traditional Plc companies are traditionally hard to set-up and out of reach
for many smaller businesses, yet PLC share trading is the most Civil way.

Small Businesses or Art owners can now apply to have a PLG
Logo or PLA Art registered here at this LPLCompanies House website.

Investors can freely buy and sell shares in these company Logos
- Works of Art, here on our Online Trading Floor.

Shares here are traditionally known to be low in dividend return
and high in Capital Growth. Investment in Art should be considered
as long term, & seller's may like to have an exhibition,
and have private viewings later on, if instant
buyers are not readily available at this time.

Odacus Index £1 Billion equities
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