Are you a Rich person
with a nice house or Business?

Get your own personal Ninja NOW!
a true real life Shadow Warrior
living in your Loft or Basement
and when you're out working.

Contact: NOW!

Other security services from your Ninja may be available,
including counter industrial espionage and Revolution protection



Ninjutsu Clubs & Students

Low cost accommodation
& stealth training

Live unoticed, secretly in a Rich persons
Basement or Loftspace, and when they're out at work.

with further excercises such as looking into our clients affairs
and protecting them from industrial espionage
interfearance, harrasment, and the Revolution.
But remember fines are imposed if you get caught!

Be a True real life Shadow Warrior
Contact: NOW!
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Mr rich business man thinkin he's superior,
lookin down on them thinkin they're inferior,
surprised someone hasnt stabbed him yet,
surprised no-ones put on a bet,
people sufferin in seclusion,
an invisible race hidden from ur delusion,
that everythings nice la de da,
but you better think twice where u park ur car,
coz those rats on the street arent as taimed as me,
they dont write ryhmes and meditate see,
you might aswell top yaself instead of showin ya wealth,
coz the rats are gonna eat ya look after ya health,
be giving to the poor and help them off the floor,
take the blinkers of ya eyes i'll give ya a tore,
of the ghetto streets and the suffering people,
hidden in their bedsits tellya this place is lethal,
so ya gotta start showin that you care,
coz the rats are on their way
so start to share & make sure we're there!




Legal note: All parties and clients must agree in writing by signing
our terms and condition before any work is deemed to be started.