For the first time, Charlie Yidbra speaks out, after a lifetime naturally discovering a psychology whilst visiting an inhabitant of the bush in central Africa (probably the only psychologist in the whole of central Africa), Charlie Yidbra has learnt the ancient wisdom that has no known language, so with this knowledge carefully learned over many years with only a stick marking the dusty ground & translated into English (with Hindu references), we hereby present 'Perfection' By Charlie Yidbra

Note: This Booklet has been left incomplete to allow for the reader's self discovery

The Emerald Tablet & Reggae for the Deaf and Dumb

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It is a fact that to be a genius and perfect or whole, one has to first be able to conquer by embracing so called insanity. So called mental illness does not start within the individual, it starts within the system that the individual is a part, the phenomena is a natural response, we are evolving back to perfection

I have been reading some work by Crowley, 'magic without tears', his material is very pliable, and I therefore find it ridiculous that he signed his name 666? This is not perfection, in fact it is just the timepiece, 60 minutes, 60 seconds and an hour; so get a Sony Ericsson perhaps? I just know that towards the end of the human race, this fine company will surely invent a time piece that actually works to perfection, such as an electronic Sun Dial without the hourly annual change; and so it might convey some seal (of tears) within the palm, to light the faya and supernaturally protect the righteous in the final days, and surely Jah God's people will then settle with the movement of the herb clockwise to the left in real time.

Tears are an unavoidable part of facing the truth of existence head on. The flag of the oecumene (Africa) was pink(Rose), amber, and jade, before the garden of Eden turned it to red; This is when we cry. Pink is perfection, the global vibration of friendship and oneness; and so this, my first booklet shall be pink and it shall be called 'Perfection'.

If a person wants me to tell them about religion and my religious beliefs, all I have to say is first of all (originally) in African they have no word 'believe', there is only 'to know' or 'I know', the other point I make is that I and I do not seek to get others to agree with what 'I know' or to join any sort of so called religion; what 'I' know is known by searching oneself..., everyone has the truth written within their own hearts, and it is only by searching and knowing oneself that one can find and live the truth. It is very singular but at the end of the day we are born alone and we die alone, and it is only being true to oneself that matters. There is only 1 truth which I can find for iself....., a manifestation of the all knowing Tusos, the holy spirit (Brahman) within.

All I can do from what I know as a result of self searching and research, is to show what is obvious and what 'the world problem' is from what is already known as truth, and help the reader to find their way to solve 'the problem' along the path based on one's own situation.

Whether a person thinks they experience illness or not, my intention with this booklet is to cause for the reader a 'vaccine', and an insight into what the contraption is in the heart, that can create the faya within the soul, needed when conquering the 'cause' of the feelings, thoughts and influences experienced when so called ill (eg anxiety/psychosis etc), within the individual, and within the system within which the individual is a part. In fact everyone experiences illness because the illness resides in the society system within which we are a part, and it is not perfect; the question is what does one do about this imperfection? (If you 'get' this thesis then you will realize that it is not rocket science.)

A person diagnosed with Bi-Polar said to me that he finds it inspirational. Inspiration causes one to take action (mania), making contraptions, scenes and thought processes to get through, and to protect one from the changes and influences that happen when experiencing the so-called illness. Unfortunately and ultimately no meditative contraption is capable of doing this apart from 1, of which you may not currently know, but that which is already in our hearts!!; This is what one must embrace to be stable and relaxed.

Before following this up it is important to consider that the universe was created to support man in 6 days!!, the (virtual) reality machine that contains the universe was created by Jah. A faith in Jah God/Tusos (Brahman) is necessary in order to make the contraption in our hearts work, 'without' experiencing insanity. (Bhakti) It is too obscure for the human mind to contain, and so there are some times when we have to FEEL; and give up, having faith and trust that the ultimate mechanism in our heart from a higher (highest) being or consciousness will work to righteous advantage. Our heart is Supreme under Jah!. (as Jesus said, more than once, in more than one way: 'I am within GOD, and GOD is within me'..


.....and he said: 'Take this to the captive children, so that they will not suffer'


So let's start off with some facts that we know are true:
An article edited for The Phillumeny Times Newspaper (about match/boxs) *credits: Many thanks to Pan African Poet (leader), Naiwu Osahon.
In the beginning our journey to discover who and when the first match was created, has led us on an epic journey through history, revealing, probably, the first humanlike civilisation to exist on earth. *Traditional African religion is the oldest religion in the world. Well, this is obvious since Africans are the oldest human beings on earth. African traditional religions led to the system of alchemy founded some fifteen thousand years ago by the first human genius whom Africans described as the "Thrice Greatest." The greatest of all philosophers, the greatest of all priests, the greatest of all kings. His African names included, Thoth, Tehuti and Theuth. The west later knew him as the deity, Hermes Trismegistus. He was the world's first "Adept" or "Master" he created the science of alchemy for the spiritual development of humankind. After the Wig-Wam and traditional African hut, he inspired the building of the first Pyramids in Egypt, and the pyramid of Gizeh served as his shrine and academy. Wise men journeyed from all over the world to study at his feet. He was considered a personification of wisdom with inexhaustible supply of knowledge, some of which were recorded in about 20,000 books. These were among the 400,000 invaluable African documents destroyed 13,000 years later under the Roman edict of Theodosius in the 4th cent. AD to force European hegemony on the world. Thoth was immortalised in African myth as the great Anu called Onian in Chapter XV of the Book of the Dead and in the texts of the Pyramids.* Thoth and his people, or even an earlier forgotten race (Based on the Mayan calender), were the creators of the first fire stick or match using sulfur from the volcanos in the west of the oecumene, now known as NE Africa and Yemen after the red sea divide. Thoth also pioneered what is now known as science, astrology, and language, and we reveal the first form of communication methods used by these people and probably by an earlier(earliest) civilisation, with our set of 'Phillumeny Times' collector edition matchboxs, presenting pre-Thoth-stickwriting (visual binary).

The images, philosophy and meanings that these pictures conjur up are endless, and some people know that the images, or 'visual binary', is divine, a gift from Jah, having created itself at the beginning of existence, within and containing Tusos (Brahman). The divine law of ecclesiastical brain, building blocks and mechanics of the universal body, housing, and the word and seals of Jah, the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, and the covenant between Jah God and man. A gift from Jah, already written in our hearts, an expression and equipment of the soul.

[Pictures here: - pre-THOTH-stickwriting & visual binary]

[Picture here: The 180 degree medical concept]

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An elaborate video explanation of what I have written in this booklet can be seen in 9 parts on youtube called 'kymatica', which would suggest that the contraption above is the 'thing' one must embrace if one is to survive and evolve further within the universe and on planet earth. The root of this 'oldest symbol', and its use still in the future, would suggest that a meeting between Alpha and Omega (continuing straight) is what triggers evolution by I collective consiousness, so we surely have something to look forwards to.

So now we know the truth let us examine so-called mental illness and how we are to deal with it.
Like Morphius says in 'The Matrix' film: 'All of our lives we have sensed that there is something not quite right with the world, with society.' Some people have suffered immensely, and most have fear and stress, and suffer under the pressures that the system imposes upon us; This is what causes life to age. Even if a person's partner leaves, or if a person suffers from abuse, this is still a symptom of the society system. The 'Babylon society system' is mentally ill, imperfect, and self destructing!, and eventually there has to be a time when the mind just will not tollerate it anymore, and the mind, body and soul will protect itself, this is an evolutionary fact.. and it is not that person's fault!...

Some people turn to crime, drugs, alcohol, religion, violence (example in... Rihana's 'Love the way you lie'), but some won't do that because some people are heroes. One may get depressed and may all of a sudden have a glimpse of a solution, some feeling of power, wavelength or inner voice that says that one can conquer the problem; A rapture, mania or psychosis, perhaps a heightened awareness or sensitivity (to Samsara(game)), may begin as one enters this new realm of coincidences. A bus goes past with a sign on the side, something happens on TV, someone says something coincidental, and the mind or spirits might start talking back, with auditory or visual hallucinations; One has become part of the mechanism. One may start to be confused trying to work it all out, or one may realise one is in a position of power, connected with everything, at one and able to change anything; A cog in the great machine. It wants one to turn, one has to turn, one has to do or say something or speak back in some way, perhaps because it is heroic. One has the power, the whole world is relying on him/her, now is the chance. Anxiety starts, he/she hesitates, and might, for example, run across the road in-front of traffic, and try to say the thing that one feels has to be said or done, (That there should be no traffic), doing what one feels, and something drastic as a cry for help in the intensity. STOP! it's too late. A person in this position is now considered by the society system to be mentally ill. One might try to stop it, but it is too late and one will surely end up on a medication, now that there has been a conscious shift, where the chemicals in the brain have changed.

It is a tragedy that this has to happen, like a child that can't swim jumping into deep water. What we must do now is step back from the pool, reflect, and start to dip our toe in to the shallow end of the water, learn to swim, get some diving equipment, or a boat even.

Me mum (My mother) was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and I was her carer for some time, I have always known instinctively that she could be cured and that it was not an illness, and have spent my whole life so far to discover that this is fact. Caring for my mother when I was inexperienced was horrific, however I noticed that whenever I philosophised about existence, at moments when I would convey to her my discoveries and revelations, we would both be at peace, she would cease to be manic or depressed, and there would be calm. As we thought, and as soon as any flaw set-in down the road of my thesis the episodes would start again. It was as much about me as it was about her. My thesis at that time was not perfect, and so any person who is battling to conquer their illness, must eventually find a (Samsara(game)) thesis that is perfect, thus to be perfect. So you build a boat, but then the waves become too big; you dip your toe in, but the water keeps changing temparature, you dive down, but get lost. There is something bigger at work, and this approach is not perfect, So what is perfect?, what contraption or belief system must one have in order to conquer it? The answer is truth; I have conveyed this, as best that I can, in this booklet, using facts that 'ring true', thus which I know are true. One must now look closely at the roots of history and the wisdom of Jah God (Brahman) to disover what one is advised to do (Dharma).

Over many generations, insulated by the society system, using only a small part of one's capacity, the majority of the Human Race has come to lose its primeval abilities, and I now know that the answer to dealing with the problem (Samsara(game)), lies at the roots of ancient civilisation. One of the groups of people who have maintained the ways of this ancient wisdom (Samsara(game)), is Ras Tafari. If one listens to Reggae music, one will hear about many truths, some of which are already mentioned in this booklet; Including 1 truth about Faya. Ras Tafarians including their African ancestors have, since the beginning of time on earth, used fya as a main part of their meditation system. In any time of stress, breath in deeply through the nose, and, as one breath's out through the mouth, it is possible, once the everlasting fya has been ignited or caught, to feel the fya rise up from the heart. Once the I can see the lava in I mind, and then see the volcano higher in the mind, with the fya rising up, then one is ready to conquer or prevent the so-called illness, and fears. Give thanks to Jah God/Tusos/Brahman/the Holy spirit; It cannot be removed, encased, or superseded, the soul and the fire within, already a sleeping part of us. Give thanks to Jah God (Puja), It is all there is; Good and evil. As Ras Tafarians and Africans will say whenever they see or hear evil of miss-truth...'FAYA BUN!' the mind and soul in unison, with a little concentration, can easily bun out and melt any negative, evil, or intrusive feelings or thought (voice/vision). One may think that buning and melting a feeling/vision (spirits or characters in the mind speaking back) with faya and lava is an evil thing to do?; it is also a good thing, purifying the soul and mindspace, filled with the abounding light of the purest spirit that remains. I has embraced this, I is at one; This is perfection. This is all that is needed, filled up in I mind, by the faya and lava within Tusos the holy spirit (Brahman). Fork lightening is also beneficial, turning unwanted thoughts and visions (spirits or characters in the mind speaking) into ash, and love from the heart/contraption also radiates through the body, mind, and existence. Blessed with angels, the Lion of Juda, and all others who are in the struggle, maintaining calmness and purity of mind and heart, with further Yoga meditation also being benificial. Breath and stay calm! Jah GOD is always there!

Essentially, if one does not fill oneself up to the brim, with thie remaining pure Holy Spirit/Brahman/Tusos, from the core of oneself, and stand on the rock with this truth abounding, then one is prone to be possessed by Evil, thus untruths, within the empty void. Most people in so called civilised society are in this blind or egotistic sleep, or even Zombie state, making it difficult to trust anyone! not even oneself, which is why groups of people who know this often have the Faya in active play always! Giving thanks (Puja). As soon as one senses something not right, and start to rise up the fya, and build up the storm of lightening, one will notice that characters, (bodies) in the mind space of both the I, and of other people and subjects being focused on (regardless of time and space/distance), start to run away, or sometimes stay there with a sneer; But fear not.. the faya, lava, and lightening, will conquer anything with a little concentration. It becomes easy after the first few times, and some what of a chore, however over time, with persistence, the evil becomes tame, knowing that it may aswell not bother. Like a garden, weeds will always grow back eventually, but it is possible to remove them all over time, and have rest periods.

It is good to know, by anyone conquering their fears, that fear is not a true expression of I self, fear originates from other people, and other sources. By conquering this fear (demons that appear in the mindspace) with the faya, lava, and lightening, it is other people's fear that is actually being conquered, thus leaving I free and at peace, leaving good food for the Lions.

So what is evil, and what then is the truth? Most of what we see and hear around us is wrong and untrue. In the beginning Jah God created Adam from the dust of the earth. So, what if Adam and Eve had not eaten of the fruit? Well it is obvious that everyone would be made by Jah God, from the dust of the earth. All brothers and sisters under one Jah God, with the earth as I mother, and Jah God as I father. This is the core truth that one is enlightened to in Buddhism. We are continually re-born, re-incarnated, until we become true, break free, and break the cycle (Moksha-Mukti), and win the game within ourselves (Samsara).
Similar to the choice Neo has in the Matrix film; There are 2 doors; Left and Right.

A poem I wrote:
Lotus (together we cry)
A long long long long time ago,
before the rain, and before the snow,
in the garden of eden there's something you should know.
God meant for us all to be made from the dust of the earth,
all brothers and sisters under one father with no birth.
Reject Satans plan and break the cycle of re-incarnation,
and liberate yourself from all nations and relations.
Don't go to hell there's a terrible smell.
I've got(had) a Lotus, it's (was) like a flower, and it grew like a tower,
until then , one day, its petals opened and gave Earth to me.
Come buy one and try one, I'll give the I a key!

This (Mukti) is the way Jah God wants us to exist, before Satan challenged him. Everything we see and hear that is wrong and untrue is a result of this challenge by Satan. There is only one way, the original way, for life to go on without the man made self destruction of life on earth/mankind. Note that even so we still have man and woman thus brother and sister, there is still some stress, each other can still caress this away with their brotherly, and sisterly love.

Originally there was no comb or brush, similarly there was no fork because the I do not eat of the flesh. In the old King James testament it says:
'All the days of the vow of his separation, there shall no rasor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in which he seperateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow'
This is important because as I and I conquer negative, evil and intrusive feelings or thoughts with the fya, this is 'Locked' so it does not keep repeating itself or become undone. I memories/feelings are recorded and stored in the hair, and true good feeling (irie), Tusos/the holy spirit, should, continually run through the hair throughout time. Every moment that passes is locked within the hair. Ras Tafarians and the original peoples of the earth have always remained firm and strong in any situation, for fear of interrupting this continuous growth. It is a record of a righteous life, and one does not want it to be broken. This hair is like temples of gold.

In the Bible Jah God says to take of the herbs, the original people of the earth, quickly found that Sensimelia, the gift from Jah, was most beneficial to enhance their meditation system, and relieve the stress caused by Babylon. Sensimelia has no seeds, and usually grows where there is a hot climate. Because it has no seeds, man cannot reproduce what is pure naturally occurring Sensimelia (that genetically does not produce seed), praising Jah God the creator at all times, giving thanks (Puja). Sensimelia helps to enhance and amplify this original meditation system, as explained in this booklet; Enhancing the connection to the divine. Western society makes it illegal in some countries, and more recently have blamed its use as the cause of psychosis. In truth, psychosis is caused by the lack of this meditation system (Samsara(game)), which has always traditionally gone hand in hand with the taking of Sensimelia. As the population has increased, this message has become faint and unknown by many takers of the herb. Diluted more so, when it came to later produce seeds, enabling it to spread. Even so there is still a trace of the original first Sensimelia plant in any seeded plant of this kind, and this light is what partakers should seek whilst meditating in the correct way, to avoid paranoia and psychoisis; Giving thanks always! (Puja). Sensimelia is a Herb as described in the Bible, It is not a drug, and as such cannot be deemed to be illegal. ‘Sensimelia’ or 'Sinsemilla' (spanish) is the correct spelling for the plant, and not ‘Sensimilla’ as some have more recently started to say. ‘Babylon’ means simply ‘confusion’, this is where one should look for the cause of psychosis.

In Contrast
Painter, Lucian Freud, painted pictures of people 'as they happen to be', and his Grand Father before him famous in psychology for understanding life, also 'as it happens to be', and so we wonder? what use is this If we are to improve and evolve as human beings? Surely we should be seeing the contrast with what we ought to be, and should have continued to be, if Adam and Eve had not been led into temptation, and so we continue to hone in on the original way of life be-gifted to us from Jah God himself, whilst wondering; Why are the majority of mankind are so ignorant and oblivious to it?, and just why does Lucian Freud have so many children? Perhaps this was appropriate whilst the human race was in full swing, but as we enter past the new millenium (2013), with the population figure boiling over, and as we get older and wiser reading knowledge such as this, perhaps now we can understand that the future is not in our offspring, but in the future that each one of us, ourselves, have after death. What now is tomorrow? It is no longer acceptable for a famous artist and psychologist to show the Babylon aristocracy that it is natural to revel in their carnal desires, and all that is evil within them; Which they have revelled in to much extent, having paid the artist handsomely for alleviating their guilt. So now these same people, realising that the human race, their society system, is self distructing and nearly over, have created the 'New World Order', and have the audacity to think that they can, like a thief in the night, steal JAH GODS power, and remain in power forever again; Diminishing their guilt, as they try to transform the world, society, and way of life, to that which GOD intends; Without the slightest remorse or penance for the suffering so many people have had, throughout history beneath their hands.

Singing and song writing
Life In contrast to the truth we have discovered will still leave many of us perplexed, annoyed, depressed, and sometimes make us feel useless and hopeless, particularly when having little money or fame. This is why the ancient peoples of the world always kept a focus on the seasons, stars/heavenly bodies and the earth energies, and made rituals to stay in tune with them, and to commemorate them; Including the 'rising up' with song writing and singing (Dharma). It is possible to rise up and express one's feelings, and praise Jah (Puja), and also fight peacefully, showing ones distaste for Babylon with singing or rapping. Singing and song writing will alleviate and help the I feel irie, healthy, balanced and calm. It is a great way to exercise the heart vibrations and transcend simultaniously in the same way that one rises up the faya. Ras Tafarian’s, and the original peoples of the Earth call it 'chanting and rising up', eg Bob Marley's 'Chant Down Babylon'. It is done for one's self, and to praise and give thanks; If others choose to record or promote it then great. Haile Selassie gave land to the peoples of Jamaica, but said that they should go home, only, once they have freed the people; This is the only purpose for Rastaman to have their songs published; To ‘free the people’, so they can then go home, back to the motherland (Ethiopia).

This meditation system enables one to be calm in extreme situations, to be still and relaxed, the simple truth. Like a circle; some people might believe that a circle is a wheel, and others might say 'no, it is the sun', but it is still originally just a simple circle, like all things once Hallowed. Having no money, suffering from abuse, an awol or soldier in the military, all extreme situations can be survived with this simple truth and meditation system. It enables one to look animosity and adversity straight in the face, stand firm, be still, calm and relaxed.

Most people are so hopelessly, unknowingly, and voluntarily enslaved by the illusions that the Babylon hierarchy paint for them, that true freedom and simple truth, becomes but an unstable lie they tell. That is Babylon in all things. It is a fact that to be a genius and perfect or whole, one has to first be able to conquer by embracing so called insanity. So called mental illness does not start within the individual, it starts within the system that the individual is a part, the phenomena is a natural response, we are evolving back to perfection
. Be not alone, many people have experienced and conquered with the system explained in this booklet. There is no other way. Be calm in the knowledge, there are many people, feel not alone. The root and 'oldest symbol', as illustrated, and its use still in the future, would suggest that a meeting between Alpha and Omega, is what triggers evolution by I collective consciousness. So we surely have something to look forwards to. In a conscious shift, order through the chaos, we are evolving back to perfection; I is perfect.

There are two opposing polarities (voices), one could say: Babylon society (with the u and I concept), and Zion society (with I and I concept). Using this meditation system fully over time, will help one come to under/overstand the Zion society, and if a person lives this out to the fullest; Because a square peg will not fit into a round hole, then one will have decided that one wants to change their social circle, and environment, and move; Or transform Babylon into a like minded, sustainable existence, together with like minded people; Or be alone with nature. A person may on the other hand not be able to live it out, because of an excuse/disability, or some such thing. Space is limited in the final days of life on earth, and an older person, for example, may find that they would rather fall back (die off), and give space to the younger generation in the future; Although righteousness & salvation is not based on age. One should not feel pressured into choosing one polarity over another, or get caught up in the worldwide friction/spiritual battle of others around, or within ones own mind. This problem or choice, (eg voices) is not caused by the self, it exists almost everywhere. Being perfect is not easy, although it would seem so for a short time, when one is on a pinnacle. This is why Rasta hang around in threes (The Holy Trinity). Like the song by the Waterboys: 'You saw the whole of the moon', be thankful for this wisdom and knowledge; But know that one has to eventually settle again. Life is eternal, the world, the cosmos, nature, everything exists in perfect balance. No living being gains anything at all. If a person dies, then they will only be placed again into a balanced/ing life in the next life, to continue learning, until they know, and eventually live it out. Being righteous does not mean that one has to be pressured into moving; In fact giving way for others, transforming Babylon, is also righteous. Living on the earth has to be sustainable for it to be in harmony, and for it to last forever more, and if all people eventually start to live a sustainable life, in Zion or converting all the land that is currently mis-owned, then there is no need for ANY HUMAN to be in charge or in power again anymore! Be not afraid of the future and be not a small boat at the mercy of the waves, and give thanks for this under/overstanding, and the wisdom of Jah who knows everything about everyone at all times, where knowing alone is the cure. Verily; We are sentient beings that were never originally created to live in Babylon society, so called mental illness is simply the mind naturally making one truly free. We are not seperate organisms apart from the world; the creation. We are all one organism with the world and co-creators of it, and the purpose of the calling; Hallucinations (signs from God), coincidences with nature, and rapture/embroilment, is to ultimately guide (calling) us home to that place of perfection, or calling for one to help others to learn the truth, moving out or transforming 'Babylon' society, where the I may live in peace and harmony with the world and its inhabitants; In a life that is perfectly suited to our natural selfs, as was originally intended. Be not confused in any rapture/embroilment, and know what this co-creation is for. Let it guide I to the place called home, or know that it is not yet time, and teach others, and relax without it being a disturbance. In this way one is one's own psychotherapist, facing fears and trodding forwards to a better existence.

Don't forget to Pray and give thanks every day, and if one is on their way, don't be long.

Equipment of the soul; let the faya spread;

This is perfection.

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Clients MUST have the correct dosage of vitamins, minerals, with a healthy diet, exercise, and be physically fit; Also, sometimes, other Yoga meditation can also help to keep Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate within safe limits, with particular care taken by those over 40 years of age.* Traditional Chakra meditation is also recommended to
keep a balance, and for rest periods, rounding things off and defining one's personal space.

The Eden Project - Sustainable Living Action Plan .pdf

Clients and Doctors should also look up Orthomolecular Psychiatry
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Quotes from the Author:
'Good and Evil is all there is,'
and 'all that you have i
s your soul' ft Tracey Chapman

'It is only the animals tht are supposed to go around in circles'

Ethiopian Dictionary: 'Meameeno' (me-a-me-no) means: 'Sorry about the English'

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