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  .Corporate scan reports,
.by Charlie Yidbra.

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Tradgedy & the importance of asking for help - the history of the world in 3 sentences.
As it got colder, with each generation moving further and further away from Africa, they slowly but surely cut most of the trees down, and then dug for coal, which is when the concept of money and slavery became prevalent... The difference in heat being directly proportional to the amount of wealth and freedom... 'If the Africans are warm and have lots of fruit trees/food for free, and readily available - the easy life, then it should only be fair, based on the African concept of 'I and I', that some of them, do the work to keep the rest warm and fed'.... and that is probably the truth behind it all.... just basically a tradgedy...... and all they had to do was ask how to stay warm or go to:
So evil, was caused by mankinds' sexual desire (competing for space with the animals and insects) and inability to ask, to adapt to cold weather, thus looking back at the luck of the african/egyptian people with resentment, instead of looking forwards to the eskimo.

How to prevent World War 3 - Sustainable Living .PDF Business Plan
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Quotes by Charlie Yidbra.

'When one's reason for living is the same as one's reason for dying, then one shall come to know all things and shall be invincible'

The Essence of Qi Ikedo
High above the clouds in a mountain cave, sits a precious stone,
It has no entrance, one can walk over it, the substance of all things.
There is no mountain at all.
Around, the atmosphere like paper, with people like pencils.
Be careful what you draw, the atmosphere does not like to be damaged.


'It is only the amimal kingdom that is meant to go around in circles'


The Key

I have learnt over many years that people who put up a brick wall and hide away from you, are usually hiding from the truth, and usually spread a load of lies to try and cover up this truth... ... even the Queen is guilty of it. Just ask yourself why you have to pay your water rates? when someone, constantly harasses someone else and bangs on the wall... it is usually because of this injustice.... if the police or army are called and the person is locked away, all it does is strengthen their resolve... this is why eventually murders are committed.
The essence of the Qi Ikedo master, is to see things for what they truly are.....
There is no need to bang on the wall, the truth makes the bricks weak, and the truth always comes out in the end and the wall collapses under its own weight. Truth is the air between each molecule.
The essence of Qi is that space in-between, and whilst extending into that space, one is that space, with ikedo being the way of letting the matter rest safely as it just simply collapses. my conclusion therefore, is that, in a life and death situation, where the Ninja has a pure heart with courage and a just cause. The Ninja can walk through walls.



Men who Stare at Goats

It is possible to make something from nothing from the ground up without investment, but it takes so much energy that if you don't make it the first time... youre fkd! basically nackered(tired). Then you think well i'll take a back seat, but realise ur not going anywhere....Investment never comes so you set up a stock market yourself (which ive done) but that takes energy to get that started..
So you basically end up like me, with loads of goats that shit gold, and parade them infront of people like mr dawsey, just to take the piss, becausyou know that, unfortunately, they're just struggling to pay their granchildrens education, and all the show is just really keeping up appearances.
And then there's the door, the glorious door, the one, one can step through that takes one anywhere one wants to go, and leave everything behind like a piece of cake.
The point is though that nobody is ever happy with what they've got and become discontent, even in paradise.
so then one realises that the answer then is to strive. Striving is what makes life worthwhile.....

To strive or to go?, that is the question!





New Psychiactric Disorder

Psychological Assessment:
The Gifted Client got picked on at school because he is irresponsible about the percussions of what he says .... and he judges who he wants to help with the gift to intellectually survive, and who he doesn't help (causing mental illness/violent/financial crime in them) ..... whilst surrounding himself with the police (who were also usually picked on at school) to protect himself.
A self perpetuating cycle, creating wealth and the secret fetish feeling of power and increased sex drive..
A condion of Irresponsible, Illegitimate, self righteousness. (IISR)
The client has a photographic memory, and I thereby propose that clients who have special intellectual gifts such as photographic memory, particularly one that causes increased wealth, may llikely develop a condition of 'irresponsible, Illegitimate, self righteousness'.
A mirror infact, to the disfunctional class divide.
The condition IISR in its developed state, is a major cause of mental illness and violent/financial crime in others who come into contact with an IISR patient.
I therefore conclude, that those with IISR are a danger to society.




Meditation and work.
An insight into "Yoga " when incorporating 'Perfection' by Charlie Yidbra

When one is new to Yoga, it moves one to a vantage point of free feeling, complete nothingness, devoid of any permanent totality as a conscious material fact, because it is usually based primarily on the use and meditation of the mind without the connection of the full capabilities of the heart.

After meditation, if the person should return to work to support mainly themselves then although 'they' will be healthier as a result , their capacity to make a healthy change within the system/society will not reach even its required potential, which is the madness that Yoga protects us from at its vantage point. the mind quickly fades back to a previous conscious state, not surprisingly, that which we 'think' is or should be normal within our comfort zone.

As with Agni Yoga, levitating back downwards, as explained in the booklet 'Perfection' with unselfish benevolent purpose would help one utilise the equipment of the soul for good use. Will under love; connected and using the FULL capabilities of the heart. At this point the Yogi, when returning to work, will start to cause true, slow, but permanent, Zin manifestation; that which has created itself, that which is perfect and becomes permanently active, slowly.. as the faya and love spreads in a collaborative conscious shift.

Whilst living in duality, like a Visual Binary Star, the primary star and companion star, like, man and woman, must concentrate on the mass which they orbit, in order to stay in harmony. In other words, Man and Woman should also always be mindfull with love for the world (including all life) that they are orbiting, as if it was their own offspring. Totality of health, happyness and harmony.

Nothingness speaks.

Buddha Beads and Bell principles can re-inforce this permanent resolve, .


Yamabushi corporate scan Ph.D project work 2005-2009

TeleMate.TV & the matching printed TeleMate directory (available at website) have now been designed as a result of this theory meditation, and its functions will increasingly become with manifestation, (and as content becomes available) a pioneering example of a more healthy media system, the structure of which, 'already' has the potential to be far superior to the existing one. It is now a good example of how goodness from meditation can improve the quality of peoples lives most importantly to survive in a decadent society.

As you will see now with TeleMate, as opposed to other forms of media, there are now many forms of help available to people with problems of all kinds, but it is only effective if the help is made known to the client before and when the need it! It is not enough to expect the client to search for the help they need, it has to be readily available. TeleMate is now printed & distributed to every home and stuck onto the household fridge, into the clients wallet, and also handed out by street sellers, doctors, taxi's etc.

Similarly the internet is a confused mish mash of fragmented information. TeleMate has now been designed to make it quick and easy for the viewer to find the information they need, using a directory structure without the clutter!

TeleMate is now a very efficient business model and vast amounts of money, made by TeleMate are re-invested into charitable activities, most importantly encouraging creativity from clients which is then published to give minority groups an amplified voice, this is a major part of the healing and prevention process, and is advertised as one of the features on the TeleMate as members of the general public are encouraged to use therapy and support for any reason, because the activity is prevention based; Involving all members of the public makes the service more transparent, and eliminates stigma, whilst increasing education.

Yamabushi corporate scan 2009
Despite optimising the companies activities and design, the company is under capitalised, making it near impossible to reach critical mass in any of its activities. Without investment to employ a finance director, we have devised an article below, as a possible way that the company might attract a much needed initial investment. Because the company is centred around charitable activity, we also recommend that the organisation applies to become a charity, to take advantage of the many grants which are available.

Article for the Wall Street Journal

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Virtual Reality and Self Control

Working in 3D on the computer and drawing in 3D develops the mind to think in 3D.
Memory and the imagination sometimes in a timeless schism;
One could perhaps label it, a videographic memory or 3D memory.
This predicament, working in 3D over time, requires the development of new skills in order for the client to regain peace and harmony within reality, whilst the schism is active as part of a so called 'open mind'.
Similar to schizophrenia and hallucinations, the client must use tools such as reading, cleaning, emmersion/bathing, Buddhist meditation, etc etc in order to have some self control over the 3D Neurosis and schism, it really is a constant process of continually & crucially moving forewards, with the similar disability of Aspergers/Autism, being that it does not stop, imposing itself, often perpetuated by stimulus from the outside world and stimulants that we consume. Particularly when 2 or more (imagined or remembered or imposed) plain layers (dimensions) appear to be one, and sometimes timeless.. (causing anxiety, because the surrounding space of imagined or remembered scenes/objects are transparent, it appears to be what we call a potential 'plain crash').
In my own studies of me self after working, creating, and installing 3D scene plains/layers into me own mind; I have found a Diamond/s
that is/are already there, and Spheres (or rainbow chakra meditation cloak around the body), to be very effective to define one's personal space and aura. In this case, whatever is 'imagined or remembered/re lived' can be contained within the diamond/sphere/cloak/packaging/casing around ones mind space, with the well known diamond/s fire(faya) and from the heart, (see: agni meditation ref: perfection by charlie yidbra)
Another usefull way to deal with this phenomina, is eradicating random chitter chatter and unwanted/random thoughts, by using the windows/linux windows system inside the diamond/sphere/casing... if the x is pressed then the video or picture or sound file stops/pause. If the file is newly created or has been edited, a box appears saying ' do you want to save this file - yes or no - ), proving that the visual or sound thought has been created by the 'owner' is no one elses business and therefore can be removed/deleted if 'no' is pressed. I have found that it becomes a bit tedious dealing with box's and so then overlaid the yes -no buttons, with a 'silent(in the mind)' voice recognition 'select all' and 'clear all' button. These 2 processes will help
erradicate any images or memories within the mind space that cause friction or stress, enabling one within this schism or neurosis, to withstand the stimulus around oneself, whether imagined or in real life, to maintain ones calmness and composure. Ultimately realising the strength of one's inner self. Like Bruce Lee Quote: 'Don't think!.... Feeeel'
Breath and stay calm.

This information will be very important in the future as we start to see the rise of 3D/digital glasses in the marketplace...
When Computers first came into the home, they brought out the film 'The Lawnmower Man', and me av always assumed that this was a very wise move, perhaps from military sources?, which seemed at the time to slow the market down, and prevent such glasses/developments from being made. I sincerely hope that young virtual reality goers will find the help and therapy they will probably need (Aspergers/Autism), particularly if they have the freedom to be co creators of virtual space.... Me is not sure whether the companies that make such devices are completely aware of the seriousness of what they are developing, and whether they, and the medical profession, are aware of how much after sales service/care will be required.


A&H Display Cards (Europe) Ltd
Yamabushi corporate scan Ph.D project work 1998-2001

This company manufactures fashion accessory packaging for many of Europe's high street fashion chains.
Established in the early 70's the company has consistently shown good yearly profits, in the millions, which are paid to the major share holders and founders: Mr. A&H, who appear to have very little involvement with the companies activities.

We worked within the company in 1998-2001 and found that the community spirit was very dismal, with staff wages barely covering the workers bills. We also found that there is very little creative>sales drive thus producing very little opportunity for the staff to progress or to be promoted.

We found that the organisation was very top heavy under the 1 managing director.

We thought that company managers, in sales, production and finance should become Directors to provide a more broadly balanced directorship, whos aim should be to increase the prosperity and well-being of its staff through increased sales, opportunity, expansion and quality of environment. A further benefit to the company would be to also have a creative director, that would maximise and increase the quality of design presentations to customers, by managing a Brand portfolio with an increased product and Branding Rights pricing scale. (eg. Ref:

We also thought that the areas of the factory be brightened up (eg sky blue paint), including the use of Fung Shui, and interactive installation art, to increase wellbeing and positive karma.

Being that the company makes millions and has potential to make more, we also thought that the company should increase all lower staff wages to be in-line with the true cost of living, and perhaps that the company should also take up an 'Investors In People' scheme to further satisfy its staff members.


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Tea Drinking
Various Companies

Many people have forgotten that until the English Discovered Tea Drinking from the Chinese, It was impossible to have any sort of 'Town' or 'City' because when they tried developing them, everyone died of various diseases.
Because many people do not know this, errors are being made in working environment design and structure, this has been apparent in almost every company I have visited, and it has caused many problems!! and mistakes!!
Any person who smokes, will tell you that the more one gets stimulated, and thinks, the more one needs to drink Tea (or coffee although that is more of a stimulant), thinking and imagining whilst being close to people in the same building or street, causes the aura to change and the interaction of that space between people is where the diseases manifest, and then enter into the Physical body.
For example, at A&H where I worked, the Canteen was quite a way away, and with pressure to stay put and do my Job, I just simply was not drinking enough Tea, infact nobody in the building was, some not at all!!
Old people/Ladies know all about it, and will often say if there is a problem, 'would you like a cup of tea'.
However, more recent generations, might not be so easily coerced into taking what can be considered to be a Drug, in order to comply to Babylon Society. Infact it would likely cause a violent revolution by younger people under the age of 45...


For example if one write's or reads the word 'GOLD' as opposed to the word 'Gold' in the wrong context, which is easily done by most people, then they will need a cup of Tea :)


So don't forget to make Tea easily available, or have a Tea lady, for larger businesses.







Mens Clothing Design
corporate scan Ph.D project work 2013

Most of the shops are selling skin tight or close fitting garments for men which makes it terribly frustrating if one wants to find Baggy Clothing.... there is an opportunity for a new chain of shops that sell Baggy Clothes... Shaggies for Baggies perhaps? see Shaggies at




Newsquest (county) ltd /media group PLC
Yamabushi corporate scan Ph.D project work 2001-2

This company, owned by the Gannett USA, produces localised printed periodicals, newspapers and magazines, across the UK.
We have not looked up the companies accounts at companies house but assume that it makes relatively small profits per area, but over many areas.

We worked within the company in 2001-2 and found that the community spirit was typical of most large companies, with staff wages barely covering the workers bills. Moneys tend to be scraped off at the top, with the bare minimum allocated to run the business, which is common in large multi-level corporations. It is obvious that the management is structured to cope with this phenomena, with friendlyness and bonding, and we did note that there was efforts made to involve staff, such as an Ideas scheme and other activities.
We also noted that the sales figures of printed periodicals have diminished dramatically since the advent of new media.
We found that the organisation was very centre heavy under each manager and area director, and that the organisation, because of this, finds it hard to adapt to modern trends due to its fragmentation.

We thought there is a need for directorship on a national level. For example: every area has a 'THIS IS' website but there is no one national 'THIS IS' domain name. We thought that thinking and directing nationally might result in a blanket improvement to the groups national identities. We thought that the group's property, motoring & news etc should all be brought under the same umbrella with one national domain name.

For the companies to survive in the future, one national domain name umbrella would make it easy to add new media such as online TV to the mix. We recommended TeleMate.TV or Fish4.TV as an example of this but the company turned the idea down.

If the group does not adapt sufficiently, now whilst it has the money and power to launch such a national new media identity, we think it will find it hard to survive or even recover in the future, without further share capital finance.


2009 Update
Shares in Gannett fell from $55 to only $3 in just 3 years
At the last general meeting for shareholders the 2008 performance figures were blamed on the recession, with no mention about the fact that Gannett's newspaper customer base is getting older by the day, and soon to be extinct.
After nearly 10 years, our advice above still has not been adopted sufficiently, and the recession should never be an excuse for falling newspaper or advertising sales.
Gannett we think are doing the right thing with the three dimensional aproach to national and local media content delivery, this must be a complicated task and heavy due to their involvement with creating the content and will be a valuable asset to any local or national internet media, but we think it will only be successful if it provides appropriate, segmented, targeted content on a local and international 'wholesale' basis to 'other/all smaller new media publishers and titles'; then it would be a force to be welcomed, because, at the end of the day it is just a domain name and a link in amongst thousands of others, and one should note that viewers do not like adverts cluttering up their pages or interrupting & slowing their viewing.. internet users have become accustomed to naturally ignoring traditional banner style adverts.

Alas Gannett have teamed up with Yahoo which is a partial sign of them going in the right direction, however we estimate that Yahoo only maintaines 5% of internet viewers and is simply a drop in the ocean, and Gannett shares continue to fall with shares being further diluted.

'Howie Blanks said, before YOUTUBE started, that our advice was 10 years ahead of its time, so we guess that Newsquest and Gannett might just get it right by 2011, but will it be too late? and will anyone else be there to match them?; and will all of its staff members be rewarded in a permanent way or will it just be the usual few?...infact they were so unacommodating to us that in 2005 when we thought of the 'Newspaper Tablet' and when Polymer was invented, we didnt even bother telling them!' ...The truth is we belive that Gannett is 10 years behind.... Whilst Gannett congratulates itself for getting 1 million Ipad USA Today hits, Rihanna on YouTube gets over 160 Million Hits!! ?

'With a 3 Dollar share price, will the sixty billion dollar man start to run again? It seems to be but a feeble limp. We don't care, they never even gave us a thankyou'. By the time share prices fall to 50 cents Gannett will be crying out for Superman to help them.

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