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Cyberwear Shirt with Disc/Device/Rat pocketpouch only
Coat Hanger that turns into Picture Frame
With optionl record pouch & CoolBag
With optionl B.U.S.
Hooded top
Hiody Brand (with speakers & printed back)
jacket (with printed back)
Baggy Trousers
(with printed rear pockets or leg)
Power Coat (with printed back)
PowerSole Foot Wear With Cool&Vape Integral Battery Packs
Bullet-Proof Umbrella

Bullet-Proof Beach-Mat

Hoop Bag
Wig-Wam RoboDreads tm
cirie aamour Aftershave Perfume

Wrist Deck

Touch Sensitive Polymer Video Screen Material with movable cirie fadeur emblem

Liquipel Coating

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OR I would like a Portrait (eg of a famous person)
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