Top Deck Publications and its first publication
started when Clegolo, a Royal Marine college student,
passed over the painting pictured below to a fellow business &
publishing student who had been studying with ACT, Dartington,
(because he had been looking to publish such work since 1985, whilst at School. leaving school to start
on the Enterprise Allowance training scheme, having seen the excellence of fellow school students' work)

Clegolo said that he had visited an Aquarium, where there were
some children with speech and hearing impairment, on a school trip.
Clegolo said he saw one of the school girls doing sign language,
whilst looking into one of the fish tanks; And so created this painting*

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All profits from
the sale of this picture
go to clearing up the Ocean

Commission, get rights or purchase gifts, greetings-cards, post-cards, mouse-mats, calendars, Jigsaws, & prints now available on paper and canvas upto 4ft

'OILY' by Clegolo
*note: The blue eyes in the picture represents calmness

An idea of a students' art collection was put to Clegolo. Thought
up in 1985 the idea was that with government backing, a yearly
national art competition could be promoted across all the
Schools, Colleges & Universities where entries would
be printed in a light blue folder/catalogue with gold print, something like, TBSAC

this would then be distributed back to the artists/buyers and into cafe's
and outlets, with prints and commissions for sale .Clegolo said that it would be like
'being on a big ship',and so shortly later the 'Top Deck Publications' company began.

The collection continued for many years until the internet had become established
and in 1999 the British Students' Art Collection (Top Deck) took up the Domain name , & now publishes a wide range of titles for all, with profits donated to Charities.

News analysis updates:
In 1986, 6 months after our founder thought of his idea, whilst still at School, having told a few
friends in the Torbay/Totnes area about
2 Artists (Damien Hirst from Sidmouth and someone else) in London appeared on the news in a warehouse,
as our founder had planned, and together with support from Charles Saatchi
and the new BRITART, jumped onto promoting Young British Art.. More recently in Jan 2007
The Saatchi art organisation appeared again on TV and in the papers promoting their new Stuart website
as Charles Saatchi's brainchild, also with national distribution being planned by d'Offay.
Maybe it's a coincidence, but the timing seems a little accurate?

update 04/2010 -
The Arto Trader magazine is distributed to A1 B1 households, and waiting rooms in aid of charities
update 09/2010 -
SaatchiArt stops using the name 'Stuart' to promote students art! HURRAY! New Sensations we have no problem with.
However the Saatchi Gallery has started an Art Prize for Schools, again as our founder had planned, but we are happy
that it isn't called Brit Art and that the works are not displayed as a British Students Art Collection.
update 11/2010 -
Top Deck Publications are still undercapitalised as we continue test marketing

Due to lack of funding and manpower.
Since stopping using the name Stuart website name,
the publicity of it, has unfortunately, left in his wake,
more new student art type websites that are diluting and clouding and fragmenting the market
and student art google search results making it more difficult for students and art buyers to
find THE ORIGINAL which was for many years at the top of google students art search. which is by default the difinitive and historical youth art collection & archive.
update 10/2013 -
In the news, after arguments between Saatchi and Damien Hirst, Hirst now teams up with
Billionaire Victor Pinchuk with his recently new name 'Future Generation Art Prize'
So now Hirst can move away from the argument and say he is todo with a global art prize
rather than Brit Art. Even with help from Prada moving the brit Artists Cafe' to Qatar

More on Damien Hirst & future Generation Art Prize
update 2014
In the news, Charles Saatchi now seems as if he is pretending to move apart from the organisers of
the website, by accusing the owner of 'Trading on his name' in what looks as
if it might be
a bogus legal battle, thus making it appear as if he has/had nothing
to do with, which is no problem for us being that it is no longer called 'Stuart'.
Good Luck to Charles Saatchi & SaatchiArt.
In conclusion, It seems that Hirst is leading another person along AGAIN! now that Saatchi is no longer there.
'I'll put one of those 'STAY AWAY!' Crossbone posters up next time I have a good idea.' Says the Boss
Wishing Mr. & Mrs. Saatchi Yates at the new, Cork Street Gallery, the very best. How sweet, say's Top Deck founder
Now we have a Vintage as well as Retro and Odern galleries for our Artists..very neat indeed.

Congratulations to Katherine who got a Poster FREE in our mystery competition

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