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A part of British History, THE BRITISH STUDENTS' ART COLLECTION, Thought up by a School Student in 1985, Run by Volunteers, and kindly Published FREE online since 1999 by Top Deck Publications , A NOT FOR PROFIT Nationwide contemporary exhibition & reproduction service, where all profits are paid in royalties and re-invested back into promoting student's - an online gallery, library and definitive archive, exhibiting, collecting, catalogueing and immortalizing by re-production, all student's art & craft work from throughout the ages, since art education began through to the modern day and future years, attracting commissions and MAKING ROYALTIES for artists from print & reproduction sales, including paper and long lasting canvas prints upto 4ft!, gift items including crafts, cards, calendars, mouse-mats, CD's & DVD's, all for sale at this website and at the growing number of Student Art cafe's. TM. Artists and institutions can also put up a link to their own website galleries and display or sell you their original artwork FREE OF COMMISSION - However, we do not agree that artists should be tricked into selling their originals cheap and should think very carefully before doing so - Remember our printing & exhibition service helps to increase the originals' value over time, allowing artists to decide properly, whilst still making money from print sales.

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Our feedback from artists throughout the years has sadly revealed the cruel reality where traditional galleries have charged upfront fees to exhibit artists' original work at their exhibition venue, often resulting in few sales and money lost by the artists, many artists have also said later that they wish their originals had not been sold; so for this reason, with the aid of modern technology, grant aid, and volunteers is able to offer a print production and sales service available to make it possible for student artists, schools, colleges, uni's and their teachers/project directors/graduates to have their own free gallery pages created online and at the growing number of Student's Art Cafe's, and/or their existing website galleries listed at; Students, both from the past and the present, of all ages, are now able to keep their original work if required; increasing the originals' value and profile and immortalizing the work by reproduction. offer a 'no outlay' opportunity for all forms of art to be listed and exhibited, including painting, photography, digital & computer generated art, sculpture, fashion/textiles, architecture, product/furniture designs/ideas, film, animation & music. It also means that artists, property development/sales, marketing and business students/distributors, shops/stockists (including 'student's art cafe' opportunities) and all students can have trade price production copies of work made available
for sale at various outlets/galleries/graduate shows/events/venues! ....Artists should goto 'artists login' at the main menu and business students, dealers and volunteers should simply becoma an affilliate below.

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and see how the value of your work can increase is more than just a picture gallery and seeks to entertain its viewers and customers alike, with 100% student created art and media. is also here to serve its student artists and strives to provide the latest news and resources available to them all from the main menu.
Most StudentsArt .com galleries are non-profit making and our galleries and archives are kept upto date and maintained by volunteers. Please make a donation and please help us to maintain and bring our archives upto date by volunteering and submitting work., and help your favourite artist in the gallery by commissioning, buying a repro or rights to work.

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