Printing mechanism & Folding Instructions

End User Legal Agreement

By using this website, the user ("User") acknowledges that this website contains this printing mechanism, sample printing, & folding instructions for personal or sample use only! (the "Printing Mechanism") that is proprietary and confidential to Top Deck Publications (.com) and it's ("Owner"). User further acknowledges that Owner has developed this Printing Mechanism & folding instructions through significant time, effort and expense. By accessing and using these instructions & Printing Mechanism, User acknowledges the proprietary and confidential nature of this Printing Mechanism and folding instructions. User further acknowledges that this Printing Mechanism & folding instructions are being provided solely for use on Owner's website and for the purpose of ordering product from Owner for personal use only. User hereby agrees not to reproduce, distribute or disclose the folding instuctions, or Printing Mechanism or the link on the following print page, to any third party, including affiliates or subsidiaries of User, without the express written consent of Owner. Furthermore, User agrees to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Printing Mechanism & folding instructions are not used contrary to the intent of this Agreement, which is to protect the proprietary and confidential nature of the Printing Mechanism & folding instructions. Terms and conditions at this website may be altered or changed from time to time, with or without notice. The Folding Instructions and design are a Registered Design Patent. By printing samples & using the instructions the User hereby agrees to comply to this agreement upon entering using the button below.

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