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Damp Proofing

Mr. Burley has just been chardeg £816 for putting a fan in the hallway which only took the electrician an hour to do. Mr. Burley has various disabilities and is recovering from an unhappy love affair and is vulnerable?, so we are wondering what Moulder will be doing about that?


NEW IN - Are Torbay Council really the first council to go bust?

Feed from Facebook thread

Is there an accual email contact address for torbay coucil. I.e. to send the twats an email, please anyone? Like Comment Share You like this. . Comments .. if anything i can help with see the watchblog channel on Like Reply 21 mins .. Try the website should be a part that says contact us x Like Reply 20 mins .. Ive tried Website . No way of email and as i jumped the gun and wrote one, before thinking the obvious way to reply...i was wrong. Can tweet the pricks or fb so they can spy on you i expect but no email contact. Not even on letter sent to me. Connections tqy closed till nov. Wankers! Like Reply 14 mins .. Sounds about right lol xx Like Reply 13 mins .. contacted them 6 weeks ago for help as she has to move out of house by 1st Dec.....yet can not find any where private.....numerous calls, visits to connections & letters yet she hasnt had any response back. I guess she doesnt fit bill of being foreign .....makes me cross x Like Reply 6 mins Edited .. Contact shelter they will fight council for you and give u best advice x Like Reply 5 mins .. Thank you.....will do that! Like Reply 1 4 mins .. They are brilliant x


Attention all DJ's
Young people can sometimes start a nuisance in towns and cities because new DJ's need to be selling them tickets to the sun parties, where they might get a job and stay to start their life as adults.
More guidance available at just so you know how to spell it :)

Rogue Builders/Trades and Workmen
Many Builders are useless at quoting and customer liason....Should it be a legal regulation that builders can no longer quote on jobs over £1000, and that all contact for quotes over £1,000 must be done through an Architect and Quantity Surveyor.... Also they should also be required by Law to have the apropriate insurances.



Beware of GO Mobile/associate in Paignton with EE
A guy renewed his mobile phone contract approx a month before it was due to be renewed. He was told he would get a £93 refund. A few months passed and he rang Go Mobile twice to ask where his refund was?
and they said it was due to be refunded by EE, and that they would send a cheque.... after around a year the customer called EE, and they said it was upto GO Mobile's associated company to refund the money, and that they would chase Go Mobile and call back...they still haven't called back after at least a day of waiting. The customer when he renewed his contract also asked for the best phone in the price range with the highest megapixel photo quality, however he found out later that he had been given an older phone with fewer megapixels, that was obviously just old stock. He said it used to be a really good company but will never use Go Mobile again.


Law firm a biscuit short of a full pack - YOUNG BUSINESS MAN TAKES THE BISCUIT OUT OF LAW FIRM
The New Look logo designer, when he was around 19 years old with his first business, telephoned a well known solicitor on the strand in Torquay, to ask for a quote regarding the cost of producing a franchise contract.
The secretary said to hold on a moment, and then strangely arranged an appointment for him to go in to their office.
At the office a man asked for all the details regarding the type of contract that was required and said that he would do it.
A week or two later the designer received a bill for over £500 and lots of sheets of paper with legal writing on it. So the designer just ignored it assuming it was one of those cons.

Later when the Designer was doing Business in the South East, he went to Cray's Solicitors and he says they were brilliant. They provided him with a free customer care contract, stipulating all the charges and when they would be applicable. 'Much more professional' he said.
The young business man reminds us that in the Godfather at a meeting in the film, Don Corleone disagrees with hard drugs, and only had to speak once.


Coming Soon - How Door to Door Distributors ruined a mans life


Property Management Companies - out of sight out of mind
Tennants have reported a terrible decline in the appearance of many properties that are managed, when the management companies do not visit the properties on a regular enough basis to check on them. When the properties have shorthold tennants in them, the tennants rarely call their landlord if the communial areas become degraded, such as fly tipping, or general decay.


Royal Mail
Telemate spent 20,000 on a test market set-up, with office, telephone and computer equipment. Royal Mail were booked to distribute 30,000 Fridjo Supercards, door to door in Taunton.
Absolutely no calls were received by the telephone system, and after checks, telemate found out tht the crds had not been distributed.
A refund was made for re-printing and distributing, however the cost of the phone system and equipment could not be continued for another few months, after already spending £20,000 to set them up...
ad the office and equipment had to be closed down and disposed of.
Royal mail in their contract prevented Telemate from claiming any money from them apart from the printing and distribution costs.
Telemate lost £20,000 almost overnight, including 3 months hard work in the set-up.



Con Man Carrick?
A property management company called Carrick Johnson in Torquay, had a property under it's wing called 'Manor Glade Court' - the roof was overdue to be replaced, and two of the flats were leaking with water streaming down the walls....Carrick Johnson visited one of the flats twice and said it was 'the kettle', one of the tennants even showed him all the mould that had started appearing and Carrick agreed it was the roof, however when the landlored asked carrick for the £1000 re-plastering and decorating money, carrick still said it was 'the kettle', depsite having agreed with a tennant that it was the roof... The insurance company and Christie Much Surveyors both agree it is the roof and/or wall ties, but the insurance won't pay because they say it is a maintenance issue, and Carrick, who are in charge of maintaining the building won't pay because they say the insurance won't pay, and continue to say it was the kettle. The owner of the flat lived there for a few years and there was never a problem and no mould for atleast 2 years until the roof started leaking.


Rent Agent loses Landlord £5000
Torbay Property Management (TPM) said that a landlord's boiler was broken. A new Copper Boiler was fitted only a couple of years previously, and the landlord said that he would not replace the Boiler because it was nearly new. TPM contacted the landlord aprox 6 months later and said the water wasn't heating up, and the landlord said to please get a plumber to fix it.
The tennant at the property stopped paying his rent £5000 for around a year, and the Boiler was never fixed see also legal article above. It was discovered after taking back the property, that it was just simply a washer had worn down and this was replaced by a Handy Andy type workman. It is noted that TPM required substancial sums of money in legal costs for the solicitor above, to have the tenant evicted.


Rich Doctors don't care
Mr Burley woke up with extreme pain in his knee, and a high temperature. Doctors on call told him to travel around 20 miles to a Hospital in the next town which cost Mr Burley over £32, and the report from the doctor was sent to his local GP who he was supposed to see the next day for a re-examination.
He told Doctor Stainforth over the phone the next day that he was in extreme pain and also couldnt afford the travel to the surgery, and asked for a call out doctor.
Dr Stainforth replied 'That's your problem'
Mr Burley never had the knee examined again, and hopes the pain will never come back. Mr Burley said 'I was beside myself in horror'


NOTA considering legal action against BT - BT have done it again, or should we say they have not done it. An isdn phone line was purchased for the helplines directory. Scot Davis a salesman for BT was asked once on order and twice again to add the 'number witheld' and 'anonymous callers barred' service as ordered. This was not followed through by BT despite the order being put through twice, and as a result the directory line system folded.
'It was Impossible to accurately test market our leaflet and automated enquiries line without anonymous callers barred, we have no idea how many of the calls might have been spam calls' says Nota. Nota, the owners of the company are considering the issue of a court summons. Losses were made whilst Test Marketing their leaflet distribution response. Losses total over 20,000 to include staff wages and office rent over the period, NEC Telephone System, printing and distribution costs of the leaflet.


Make your car go faster!!
Stephan Laurent is a 'Scamming Scumbag!' according to THIS article


Beware of setting up a new electric account in your new home!
Mr Burley was about to purchase his flat and move into his new property. He rang SWEB and arranged for the electricity to be connected on the completion date..The removals van turned up and Mr Burley moved into his new flat...After waiting 24 hrs the Electricity still had not been connected and he had to find B&B accomodation, not just for 1 night but for 10 nights!!! before the electricity was finally connected..

Mr Burley rang sweb and demanded that they pay the £500 B&B bill and demanded compensation and a postal address for his lawyer. The lady at sweb assured Mr Burley that that was not necessary and that they would give him FREE electricity instead.
Mr Burley was happy and for a whole year received no bill, assuming this was his free electricity...
Dooms day occured 1 year later when mr Burley received a bill for over £500 for the whole years electricity...Mr Burley refused to pay it and sweb denied having offered him free electricity...Sweb are now hounding mr Burley for the money payable immediately with threats of legal action.

Mr Burley contacted EnergyWatch and informed SWEB about this article
SWEB have now apologised and offered MR Burley a full refund and cancellation of the bill.


Rich & Poor Children - natural justice
A young boy went to school and his parents wouldn't pay for anything flashy apart from the regulation school uniform and the bare minimum (cheapest) in educational toys.
The boy
always got top A marks in all subjects.
A new boy called James Whyte joined the school, and his divorced lawyer father paid for his mother and him to be very well looked after with all the latest designer gear and a Scrambler Motorbike. The young boy felt like that was unfair and actually felt like there was something wrong with him... the young boys' mother had Bi-Polar disorder, and in a flood of tears told the new boys mum that he thought maybe something was wrong with him. The mother automatically assumed it was the mental illness, but the young boy actually meant 'the difference' between what the two boys had, and the way they were treated with different lifestyles. It was a Private School and the boy was led astray by the flashyness of the richer boy.
It is thought that the Lawyer might have influenced the headmaster to get rid of the younger boy who was kept back a year and missed the opportunity of a Scollarship, resulting in his Grandparents taking him away from the private school.
Several years later whilst at state school, the boy still didnt have very much in the way of flashy clothes etc, but one day a pair of Hand-Me-Down designer trainers were left for him, which were slightly too big, but he wore them with pride..... he says the memory brings many sentimental tears to his eyes about the love of the people in the ghetto, and he gives thanks to the Most High.

The Head Master of the private school lost much of his money in an investment scam &
retired early with some Cronic Fatigue Syndrome.
James Whyte went to stay at the younger boys' property in Dawlish Warren
and the boy splashed James in a puddle trying to have fun, however James was wearing his designer gear which was not apropriate for the desolate countryside area. James ended his stay in a bad mood and rang his mum to come and collect him.
Both boys were completely innocent with no animosity intended between them... It was just simply outside influences that caused their seperation.

The Younger boy went on to work high up in the Fashion Industry founding and The Six Billion Dollar Blonde .com website featuring their own New Designer Labels.

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