Where Science meets Art and is Spiritual.

The concept of Visual Binary was discovered by Artist, Media mogul, and writer.. Charlie Yidbra in circa 1996,
who has been offered a Ph.D. by Addis Ababa university, Ethiopia.

As described and Illustrated in Charlie Yidbra's booklet called 'Perfection': It is an expression of the Soul. ie. Love.

Nobody can own it, or copy it. It is the Art that belongs to Jah, and is GOD.

Owned by Jehova, and protected by Yahweh, Ras Tafari, The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Juda, elect of GOD, ever living GOD, Earth's rightful ruler..


Due to the recent BBC 2 Horizon program about recent scientific discoveries, called 'What is Reality'
and the discovery that reality is a hologram, we found it necessary to put up this page