For over 30 Years - More than Just an Ad Agency

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2001 RETRO DESIGN inc .com
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filmed & televised* Retro Ad Agency platforms for the upwardly mobile - Chairmen and owners of corporations, artists, and
social enterprises that might like COMMUNICATION IMPACT!, improved health, increased profitability & to get results!

Theatrical & media communication, on location or studio based filming & commercial art/cgi production, branding, display, packaging, product & virtual-set design, Intellectual property, security/diplomatic protection, & counter industrial espionage are all available from our network, & do not have to be charged at high rates, with a Guardian profit share option for long-term assignments. All customers must sign an order and agree to our terms and conditions, for any work, before deemed started.

For many, having an organisation or corporation can be like being in the woods, with confused direction and untruths about what is really going on around them. So our service can also be like that of a Chopper, flying around the woods on their behalf feeding the astute with information about what it looks like from the outside, and help and advice from our think tank on how to make it look and grow the way everyone wants & as it should. Get Rich can come in as a Trouble Shooter or Business Consultant, Director, or with Camouflage to find out what's going on, who else is there and what they are really doing!

See here the concept, brought together after many years -. With some time & thought we hope the concept will, with contrast, help to identify any misdirection within any organisation, inc' sick leave preperation. See here supporting documentation.

for a discreet confidential appointment to discuss any requirements further
Please note: this service is not available in the S. Devon/Hams or Buckinghamshire/Slough areas

A short Biography about our founder

For over 30 Years - More than Just an Ad Agency